Healthy business relationships are essential for any business to grow. With growing customer base, maintaining individual relations becomes difficult. Accountsforce is a Cloud based CRM that helps you build and develop stronger association with each client. It’s simply a catalyst for your business growth!

Capturing Lead - More information, better strategy!

Every person who is engaging with you is a prospect customer. An effective lead management toolhelps you convert more leads into customers
      Know who is engaging with website
      Know when they read your campaign mails
      Bring personal contact to the system
      Increase leads to buyer's conversion rate

Lead Assignment

Once the lead is captured and information is analysed -
      Assign leadto the best-suited team member
      Assign tasks for auto execution sequence

Lead Campaigns

Every contact is a lead. Identifying the right audience and reaching out to them is crucial for any campaign to achieve its goal.
      Use advanced filters to maximize the impact by taking right service to the right people
      Reach out to only the people who are most likely to buy your services.

Marketing Campaigns

Have a clear understanding of your target audience!
      Choose time and media, when or where to reach potential customer
      Let our automated system reach out to them
      Target customers based on their demographic characteristics like firm’s size, geographic location.

SMS and E-mail templates

Cross-platform integration lets you connectwith thetargeted audience through multiple channels.
      SMS, e-mail and other mediums from a singular access point.
      Meet and greet them on social media if that’s where they are.


After a sale agreement is reached with your client,a contract formalizes it.
      Contract creation using various in-built free drafts
      Create your own templates tailored to your specific needs
      Send contracts over to clientsand get their digital e-signatures online
      Use email facility for contract delivery
      Integrate popular services like DocuSign for document signing

Lead Automation

From initiation to deal closing, a lead passes through various stages. Lead Automation steers it through sales funnel smoothly; allowing you to divert your time on finding new business.
      Assigns a new lead to a suited person in your firm based on criteria set by you!
      Performs given task at specified time
      Effective execution, impressed prospects

Time-Based Reminders

Reminds you for upcoming payments or subscription renewals.

Assign Activities

Taking notes manually and memorising is a thing of past now.
      Automate tasks execution sequence
      Assign responsibilities
      Time-based task allocation
      Never miss a deadline
      Reminders to follow-up your conversation

User Management

Not everyone uses all the features present in the system. Unnecessary information can lead to distractions
      User specific layout with role-specific functions
      Display what you need—no less, no more
      Reduce access time, increases productivity
      Define roles and grant role-based access

Client Relations

Make your clients feel valued.
      Send out greeting on their special days.
      Never miss birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions

Lead Communication

Manage your conversation for easy follow up.
      Unique communication reference number
      Comment/notes on conversation
      Seamlesstransfer of conversation ownership


Send regular newsletters to your clients and share latest developments;tell them about upcoming events and new schemes all in a single document.


Generate invoice to bill your customers for your services; and email over to them without any hassle

Value added services (VAS)

Engage existing clients on the various VAS provided and generate a cross-selling platform.

Large Storage

Don’t worry about space anymore! Our cloud-based system allows you to store as many documents as you want without worrying about storage.
      1 TB document storage
      Easy search with advanced options


Keep your files as long as you want in a centralized, easy-to-access system.They will never pile up.
      Well organized library
      Event/case specific categorization

Privilege Access

Share documents with only the right people based on user roles.
      Give access to only the relevant people
      Role based permissions


Self-assessment and accountability are necessary for a business to grow.
      Organize, analyse and improvise with our reports
      Monitor performance of each activity
      Evaluate workforce’s performance against targets

Integrate and Maximise

Accountsforce seamlessly integrates with most of the leading applications including major accounting platforms and cloud systems.
      Incorporate your CRM with your accounting software
      Cloud based services including Google Apps, Outlook 365, DocuSign, and MailChimp.